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January 5, 2010, 10:26 pm
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dear spoonah,
you have such a fantastically awesome nickname.  I have no nickname at all and want one.  how did you get yours and how can I get one too?


nicknameless in cincinatti

dear cincinatti,

let me start by saying that I know what you’re going through.  the basic rule of awesome nicknames is this: they must be given freely, they cannot be forced.  believe me, I tried.  I don’t remember my early childhood attempts to get a great nickname but I’m sure they were many.  I do distinctly remember sitting down my sister and our mutual friend when I was about 14 and telling them earnestly that I wanted them to start calling me “Yoshi”.  Thankfully they refused.

Later, during a particularly butchy phase, I was called “Bullet” but managed to stomp that down after only a few years.  And just this past year I was finally blessed with a nickname I didn’t hate, “spoonah”.  It was given to me by a dear friend in response to a craigslist ad (I didn’t place) about wanting someone to eat snacks and spoon with.  a gem was born.

the moral of this story, cincinatti, is if you just live your life you too could get a great nickname.  It helps to forward funny craigslist ads to your friends that could potentially have been written by you but weren’t.  at least, that’s what finally worked for me.


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HA! yoshi…what about “ko”?

Comment by Jordan

haha I KNEW there were more embarrassing nicknames I tried to make people give me. Glad you remembered. 🙂

Comment by spoonah

yoi for me!! you did too place that ad!!!

also, i am thankful to at least have accomplished something in my old age.

Comment by sf

haha I did not. though I could have and would have. 😉

Comment by spoonah

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