on how to cook some damn tasty bread in a crock pot
March 18, 2010, 2:10 pm
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dear spoonah,

can you tell me how to cook bread in a crock pot?

-broken ticker

dear broken ticker,

why, of course I can. spoonah is an international expert on all things ever (and an excellent googler), remember?

the first thing you need in order to cook bread in a crock pot is: a crock pot. in fact, the results of my investigations indicated that crock pot baking is pretty simple. you make dough as per usual, using whatever recipe you usually do. for a mold while the dough is rising, use a round, similar sized pan (such as a spring-form cake pan) that you can get it out of to put in the pot.

there are just a few tricks that are different from regular baking. the main thing is you want to lift the dough off the bottom of the pot while baking, and put a little water underneath so it acts like a steam-injection oven (!). put dough in a deep glass or metal bowl, or a big coffee can. put a trivet, baking rack, or even some crunched up tin foil in the bottom of the pot, and then about a half-cup of water. cover the bowl/can with a few layers of paper towels or a dishcloth, and then you’ll want to keep the lid on the crockpot as much as possible to avoid letting too much steam out while it cooks. only open up to check for done-ness. other than that, just use normal baking tips (don’t fill too high or you’ll end up with no room for expansion, etc.). cook on high until done (approx 3 hours)

If you want to use a recipe designed just for the crock pot, there are lots out there. here is the one that looked the best.

Couldn’t Be Easier Slow Cooker Bread

happy baking!


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Thank you, Spoonah!!

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